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May 30, 2022 View:

The fourth international clay pot wine competition was held recently

This month, the 4th Qvevri International Wine Competition, organized by the State Wine Agency of Georgia and hosted by the Georgian Wine Association, was successfully held in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Photo courtesy of: Georgia Wine Promotion Center

The aim of the competition is to showcase the best quality clay pot wines in order to promote their production and distribution. The jury of the competition was chaired by Giorgi Dakishvili, a renowned Georgian oenologist.

It is reported that the winning wines will be submitted to online tastings in various European countries, which is a very important opportunity for the Georgian wine industry in the international context of the global pandemic of New Crown Pneumonia.

The Director of the State Wine Agency of Georgia and the judge of the competition, Mr. Levon Mercutera, said: "This year there were 460 wine samples entered, which is three times more than in the first edition of the competition. This shows the growing interest of winemakers in our competition. The jury of international Georgian wine experts unanimously agreed that the quality of clay pot wines is improving every year. We also welcome the active participation of clay pot wines from all regions of Georgia in this competition.

Smaller wineries were particularly interested in our competition. Many of them presented the first products of their wineries in the competition, which is a good motivation for them to develop further. The competition also gives us the opportunity to evaluate the quality of our current clay pot wines, says Tina Kezel, executive director of the Georgian Wine Association.

The list of winning wines for this competition will be announced at the end of July.