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May 30, 2022 View:

Tempranillo becomes the world's fastest growing grape variety in terms of acreage

A revised edition of the book "Which Winegrape Varieties are Grown Where," a collection of the grape varieties that have increased and decreased the most in cultivation in the 21st century, will be published next week, according to The Drink Business, which updates the 2016 data and the global winemaking The revised edition of the book, Which Winegrape Varieties are Grown Where, which collects the most increased and reduced grape varieties planted in the 21st century, includes updated 2016 data and an overview of global winegrowing.

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In this book, we can see statistics on the internationalization of grape varieties, as well as which countries" indigenous varieties have been adopted abroad and the diversity of grape varieties in each country.

The authors of the book, Kym Anderson and Signe Nelgen, point out that the degree of national and global varietal diversity has declined due to dramatic changes in certain countries and the decline of lower quality varieties that were once widely planted.

In terms of grape variety origin, an average of 68% of New World vineyards are French varieties (2016 data), compared to 59% in 2000. However, the acreage of New World Spanish varieties declined from 5% to 3%, while Italian varieties continued to account for 2% of the acreage planted.

From a global perspective, varieties of French origin continue to dominate. in 2000, French and Spanish varieties accounted for almost three fifths of the world's vineyard acreage. From 2000 to 2016, the area planted to French varieties rose from 29% to 39%, while the area planted to Spanish varieties fell from 29% to 21%.

In addition, the Spanish red grape variety Tempranillo has been the most widely expanded variety since 2000. The authors say this is not because of the internationalization of Tempranillo compared to Syrah, which ranks third, but because it has replaced the lover grape (Airen) as the most planted variety in Spain. Eighty percent of Tempranillo is still planted in its native Spain. between 2000 and 2016, the area planted to monopera increased by 114,000 hectares in Spain, while the area planted to Airen decreased by 184,000 hectares.