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May 30, 2022 View:

Tanzania grape production reaches 16,139 tons in 201819

Tanzania's mainstream media, The Guardian, reported on May 20 that Tan Minister of Agriculture Hasanga said that the 2018/19 planting year saw 16,139 tons of Tan grapes produced, of which 11,552 tons were sold locally and for export, with at least 7,551 tons being used for local wine processing.

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Tan grape cultivation is mainly concentrated in the Dodoma region, with about 2,079 hectares of planted area. The Tan government plans to increase grape production to 22,000 tons by the 2024/25 planting year.

Minister Hasanga said that the demand for local grapes for wine processing and direct consumption is relatively high, and that the Tan government will continue to develop new markets for grape growers, especially in neighboring countries, and will promote Dodoma grapes through Tan embassies in various countries.