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May 30, 2022 View:

Spanish winery Otazu wins best winery for wine tourism

The best winery for the development of wine tourism was recently awarded to Otazu Winery in the Spanish Wine Route Wine Tourism Awards presented by the Spanish Association of Wine Cities (Acevin). The jury considered that Château Otazu places the world of wine in the same framework as the great works of contemporary art and combines wine with history, nature and art in a clear way.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

The fifth edition of the Wine Tourism Awards Spanish Wine Route recognizes the hard work of all Wine Route participants who, even though tourism has not been active this year due to the global health crisis, have remained at their posts to promote Spanish wine culture while ensuring the health and safety of visitors.

Otazu Winery has always strived to bring a different kind of wine and wine experience, from winery tours to wine tastings to walks through the 116 hectares of vineyards, where visitors can experience viticulture or harvesting. And during the coronavirus pandemic, the winery has taken very strict safety and precautionary measures in its facilities, with visitors in small groups (up to six people), at a safe distance and without leaving the group during the event.

This year Otazu Winery collaborated with artist Pablo Armesto to launch the limited edition wine Genio de Otazu 2017, a red wine made from 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 23% Merlot and 7% Tempranillo.

Otazu Winery has been promoting the art project Genios de Otazu since 2016, a creative project that combines contemporary plastic artists and winemakers. The project is divided into several stages: first, the artist will reinterpret the wine to create a work of art; then, the artist will also intervene in the winemaking process, selecting the grape varieties and deciding on the percentage of each wine in the blend Afterwards, the artist will also be involved in the winemaking process, selecting the grape varieties and deciding on the percentage of each wine in the blend, which will be limited to 300 bottles. The whole process is carried out with the help of the technical team of the Otazu winery, and each bottle is priced at over 500 euros.