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May 30, 2022 View:

Spanish winery Félix Solís launches an augmented reality-enabled wine

In this very different summer, there is a fun game El Adivino Wine that is prevalent at parties. It's the first wine from a Spanish winery with augmented reality that predicts the future (El Adivino means the prophet).

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

The corresponding app for this wine has accumulated more than 10,000 downloads on the ios and Android clients. el Adivino comes from the Flix Sols winery and is arguably one of the most successful projects among the young consumers.

With El Adivino, Flix Sols Winery wanted to combine technology with the flavor and quality of the wine to create a unique digital experience designed for young people, a groundbreaking wine that will surprise and delight the party.

Flix Sols has set its sights on a younger audience, which is why the wine can be widely promoted on social networks. Millennials are looking for refreshing flavors and originality and uniqueness in their products. Young people are not just looking for wine, they want to be able to have more experiences, so they have developed innovative wines with the goal of responding to their needs and filling a gap in the market.

Consumers can download the free app, enter the program and scan the label of El Adivino wine and the prophet on the label awakens and hands a destiny card that predicts what will happen or come. In addition to the digital experience, El Adivino wine takes care of the tastes of the general public. Black fruit flavors, accompanied by a touch of delicate smoky notes, this is a young wine made from a blend of different grape varieties from different regions of northern and south-central Spain.