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May 30, 2022 View:

Spanish regions challenge inequitable funding of vineyard acreage allocations

At a recent conference on agriculture and rural sector development held in Madrid, the Minister of Agriculture of the Balearic Government, Mae de la Concha, questioned the criteria for the distribution of aid funds, which had previously been allocated 2% to the Balearic Islands (Baleares) and the Canary Islands (Canarias), but with the inclusion of Galicia, they ended up with only 5% of the aid funds. With the addition of Galicia, they only received 5% of the 2% of the aid according to the vineyard area.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

Sixty-five percent of the currently available funds are allocated based on the available area of the vineyards, but according to the Young Farmers Agricultural Association of Extremadura (APAG Extremadura Asaja), the region is the biggest victim in the wine aid distribution program, as Extremadura, which ranks second in Spain in terms of wine production and vineyard area, has only been allocated 3.5 million euros, or 3.82% of this 65% of available funds.

Ultimately, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture has committed to establishing a working group dedicated to reviewing and improving the criteria for the allocation of aid funds in order to rationally and equitably distribute funds to help regions respond to the current crisis caused by the coronavirus.