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May 30, 2022 View:

Spanish police dismantle a smuggling ring of counterfeit rums

Recently, Spanish police broke up a large international counterfeiting ring specializing in smuggling fake rum. And during the operation, 24 people were arrested and 225,000 bottles of fake rum worth 3.5 million euros (about RMB 27.41 million) were seized.

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The specific brand of the fake rum was not disclosed, but Spanish police said in a press release that the spirits were of three different brands. It also said that the counterfeiters had reached a level of perfection.

The investigation began in February 2019 when police found a large consignment of rum bottles in Cadiz (Spain), which were analyzed and found to be fake.

Police traced the bottles all the way to the Netherlands, and in cooperation with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), investigators seized 147,000 bottles of counterfeit rum in a warehouse in the Netherlands destined for Spain. Subsequently, Honduran authorities also intercepted two containers containing counterfeit rum valued at 500,000 euros. This counterfeiting case was then implicated.

This is an international counterfeiting ring. The bottles originated in the Netherlands, the liquor was made in the Dominican Republic, the bottles were bottled in Honduras, and the fake labels came from China. After assembly, the counterfeit wines were shipped from the Netherlands to bonded warehouses throughout Spain. They were then distributed in 10 cities in Spain, including Barcelona and Madrid.