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May 30, 2022 View:

Spanish heritage authority restores ancient wine licensing agreements

Recently, the Spanish Heritage Administration allocated 1809.46 euros from its budget to restore a wine authorization agreement printed on parchment in Alcalá.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

This is a document of great research value that has been classified as a Spanish cultural heritage. The document began in July 1526 and was signed by King Carlos I and Lady Juana.

This was a very necessary action in light of the severe damage to the document. This document is considered to be the most valuable document in the Alcalá archives due to the important history it represents. This wine privileged document is recorded on patterned parchment that is cracked and porous due to the passage of time. The restoration will now be carried out by Virginia Uriarte, who proposes a treatment that will remove the dirt, remove the tape and seams, smooth the scroll, synthesize the letters and, if necessary, graft the parchment to fill the holes and restore the torn parts.

This is the first time that the Spanish heritage sector has recovered documents from municipal archives, and they have made a clear commitment to the recovery of the cultural heritage of wine, with the aim of perfecting the history and culture of Spanish wine.