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May 30, 2022 View:

Spanish city of Arro not hosting wine wars this year

Every year on June 29th the city of Aro (Haro) celebrates the saints (San Juan, San Felice and San Pedro), among them the Wine Wars.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

On this day, hundreds of people will start this war in the streets wearing white clothes and red square scarves, carrying water guns, sprayers, buckets and other containers that can hold wine as weapons. Eventually they dyed their clothes purple and the survivors returned to La Paz Square with music for lunch (featuring snails) and wine.

And this year in March the new coronavirus outbreak in Spain, Arlo is also one of the cities seriously affected by this crisis, even though the situation has improved and people"s lives are gradually returning to normal, but there are still many people in this health crisis died forever. On June 29th this year, the whole of Arau was overwhelmed with sadness from early morning, and the streets were not filled with people, singing and dancing as in previous years, but with silence to mark the holiday.

Initially the city council asked staff to wear white at breakfast to give the streets a festive atmosphere, but few young people showed up and the streets were almost silent. It wasn't until noon that a few people showed up to eat in the bar area, dyeing their white T-shirts purple with wine as if they had been through a wine war, marking the traditional holiday in their own way while following health and safety guidelines.