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May 30, 2022 View:

Spain's Marquis de Rigaud makes top 10 list of world's best vineyards for second year in a row

On July 14, the second edition of the World's Best Vineyards Awards announced the winners, and for the second year in a row, Marqus de Riscal (Spain) made it into the top 10 list, ranking sixth, up three places from last year.

Image from: Globe

The World"s Best Vineyards Awards are selected by more than 500 renowned wine experts, sommeliers and tourism authorities from around the world, evaluating the reputation of wineries, tour routes, location, price environment, etc., providing visitors from around the world with the best options for wine tasting, winemaking, appreciation of modern architecture and ancient cellar culture, vineyard tours and spa activities.

Founded in 1858 and rooted in Rioja, Spain's most famous wine region, Château Marquis de Rigal was the first winery in Spain to introduce Bordeaux winemaking technology. Since its creation, it has become a reference point in the Spanish and international wine industry for its exquisite winemaking techniques and excellent quality service. In its 160 years of history, it has continued to write the legendary story of wine and Rioja, creating the world's best wines on the road to quality.

As a leading brand in the Rioja region, Château Marquis de la Riggle has been the first non-French winery to be awarded the Bordeaux Exhibition Prize in 1895, to be ranked eighth in the world's top 50 most admired wine brands by the international magazine Drinks International in 2019. Today, it is ranked sixth in the world's best vineyards and can be found in international wine competitions and international professional wine tasting shows.

Behind the honor of the winery is the quality of each wine. Each of the wines made by the Marquis de Rigaud have their own story, their different styles and characteristics, which have been catering to the tastes of every customer for more than 100 years and are loved by wine lovers all over the world.

Its wines are matched by its avant-garde, art-deco luxury boutique hotel. Designed by the world-renowned architect Frank O. Gehry, the undulating metal structure of the Marquis de la Riggle, representing the pink of the wine, the gold of the bottle packaging and the silver of the bottle tops, is boiling with curves and floating with spirit, and is known as one of the top nine unique hotels in the world.

In addition to the tours and tastings, the winery also has three restaurants (one of which has one Michelin star) and a 1,000 square meter wine spa, making it the ideal place for leisure visits, weddings, and business trips, making it a worthy recipient of the World's Best Vineyards award.