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May 30, 2022 View:

Spain's Jerez region looks for new solution to wine inventory overhang

With the expanding impact of the coronavirus and the closure of the hospitality and restaurant industries, the entire wine industry is facing a serious overstock problem. Due to its special nature and value, sherry is not applicable to the current assistance measures provided by the government.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

According to current regulations, vineyards can harvest up to 11,428 kg of grapes per hectare, but in general Jerez wineries only end up harvesting 9,500 kg per hectare. Statistics from the Jerez wine industry show that wine sales were down by about 30% in April.

If we quantify the surplus, the production sector revealed having a total of 15 million liters, equivalent to half of the total volume sold in 2019. Considering that the direction of the whole sector will remain unpredictable in the coming months, the Jerez wine sector decided to reduce this year"s harvest and to use Palomino grapes for auxiliary products in sherry production and for complementary products in other wine regions.