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May 30, 2022 View:

Southern France's table wine has cost-effective exports in first place in France

According to the data provided by Sud de France, the regional table wine of Languedoc-Roussillon ranks first in the export of French regional table wine, mainly because it has the advantage of cost performance and profit margin, but the taste of the regional table wine is competitive and the promotion needs to sink.

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Zhang Peng, the head of CVB China, a leading French wine producer, told reporters: Since two years ago, the growth of wines from Southern France has begun to exceed that of Bordeaux, which is a trend.

First in France for regional table wine exports

This is also confirmed by the data provided by Sud de France. 2017 The Languedoc-Roussillon appellation (AOC + regional table wines) accounts for 28% of all French exports and 15% of total exports, making it the second largest exporting region in France after Bordeaux. Languedoc-Roussillon exports to the Chinese market continue to grow, with an 18% increase in 2017 compared to 2016, and a total export value of €97 million, up 20.5%. Languedoc-Roussillon"s regional table wines continue to lead the French market: they account for 72% of all regional table wine exports in France.

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In the overall export data for the south of France, the journalist observed a clear increase in the grade of the product. The data also shows that the AOC wines of Languedoc-Roussillon grew by 24.% and by 30%, with China being the largest export market for Languedoc-Roussillon AOC wines. 5,085,300 liters of Southwest appellation (AOC + regional table wines) were exported to China in 2017, with a total export value of 14.6 million euros.

Cost-effectiveness and profit margin advantage

The wine companies in the south of France have been taking Bordeaux as their benchmark, but Bordeaux"s famous estates have been deeply rooted in people's hearts and are hard to shake. But as the price of low-end Bordeaux wine has continued to rise in recent years, the profit margin has become relatively transparent, and the advantages of southern French wine have gradually come to the fore. 365 Famous Wine Hui Pan Yunzhou told reporters: the advantages of southern French wine are more obvious in the entry price segment and the middle price segment. Especially in the entry price range, now gradually replace some of the original Bordeaux share.

Chang Yanan, marketing director of Shanghai Caster Wine, revealed: the relevant associations in the south of France held a large-scale French-South American wine and food exhibition in Shanghai, which was very popular. During this year's Spring Sugar & Wine Fair, the booth area of southern France appellation was comparable to Bordeaux, and the image of the appellation was more uniform. In his opinion, the high cost performance and better profit margin of the wine from the south of France are its advantages.

The Festival Sud de France is a promotion we did from 2009 to 2014 for the general public around the world, including London, New York, Shanghai, Brazil, Mexico, Paris and Germany. The promotion was held in restaurants, hotels, hypermarkets, boutique wine cellars, etc. in each country. In 2016 and 2017, we did 6 national tours, 3 cities in spring and 3 cities in autumn. According to Xu Bei.

Taste competitive, promotion needs to sink

The rich fruitiness and higher alcohol content make southern French wines more acceptable among Chinese consumers. During the market consolidation period from 2013 to 2015, consumption returned to rationality and southern French wines undoubtedly caught a good opportunity. An importer engaged in the supply chain business believes that although the growth of southern French wine in China is good, it is still in the stage of the brand of the region is bigger than the brand of the product.

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Ningbo Huangyan International Trade Co., Ltd. is an importer of southern France wines. General manager Lu Yueping pointed out that from the point of view of market sales, southern France wines with thick body and high alcoholic strength are an advantage, and its IGP grade wines can compete with some Bordeaux AOPs. He also pointed out that he hoped that the Association of Southern French Appellations would do more promotion in the main wine sales area. The target of promotion should be the retailers and second batch merchants, the importers have already accepted the southern French wines, and the promotion needs to go down. Lu Yueping stressed.