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May 30, 2022 View:

South African vintners plan to tap China market this year

January is the time of year when South African grapes are ripe and local vintners and winemakers are looking forward to a bumper crop of grapes. This year, South African vintners are aiming to expand their business to the Chinese market.

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In 2020, the epidemic caused a significant contraction in the European and American wine consumer markets, leaving South African vintners with nearly 300 million liters in stock, almost half of South Africa"s wine production. At the same time, the Chinese economy has shown great resilience by taking the lead in returning to growth. The Chinese market is dynamic and we are working hard to make South African wine a new choice for an increasing number of Chinese consumers. We are working hard to make South African wine a new choice for more and more Chinese consumers," said Marcus Marcus, Asia marketing manager for Wines of South Africa.

In his opinion, the advantage of South African wines to continue to develop the Chinese market is their high quality. The unique geographical and climatic conditions and winemaking skills have given South African wines their distinctive characteristics. In addition, in order to adapt to the consumption habits of Chinese consumers, South African wine merchants have developed a variety of wine types, prices and categories, to meet the needs of multi-level consumption.

South Africa pioneered the Certified Integrity and Sustainability label in the wine industry in 2010. Wines with this label mean that 100% of the grapes come from the region indicated on the bottle and are bottled in South Africa with a guarantee that no less than 85% of the grapes belong to the same variety and the same vintage. To obtain this label, wineries must meet verification standards in various areas such as reducing fertilizer use, purifying production effluent, and protecting the flora and fauna of their farmlands.

The latest annual market analysis by the Wine Institute of South Africa says that South African wine producers and distributors at all levels should pay full attention to the Chinese market. China is a global leader in Internet marketing and logistics, and South African wines should strive to create a convenient marketing model from the winery to the Chinese consumer's table.

After years of expansion, South African wines have established a good reputation among Chinese consumers. In the past 10 years, our sales have increased about 10 times. Marcus said that as China continues to open up to the outside world and its consumption structure continues to upgrade, the Chinese market is becoming more and more attractive and offers unlimited business opportunities.