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May 30, 2022 View:

South African Wine Industry Association calls on government to lift ban on alcohol

Affected by the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the South African government since July 13 to resume the ban on alcohol, which has been the second time this year the implementation of the South African nationwide ban on alcohol, this decision makes this year has suffered huge losses in South Africa's winemaking industry to add insult to injury. Once the ban came out, it immediately attracted the strong dissatisfaction of all parties concerned.

Image from: China News Network

However, with the gradual slowdown of the current growth of the epidemic in South Africa, as well as the frequent positive signals, the call to lift the ban is growing. The Wine Industry Association of South Africa (WISA) said the ban, which affected more than 100,000 jobs, is not good news for the South African government, which aims to speed up economic recovery. At the same time, the South African Wine Industry Association asked the South African government to postpone its request for a tax until the ban is lifted because of the big impact on revenue.

Data show that the South African wine industry has lost about 5 billion rand (about 2.1 billion yuan) since the South African government imposed two successive bans this year. Once this trend continues, within the next five years, most South African wine producers will face the risk of bankruptcy.