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May 30, 2022 View:

Society of Masters of Wine announces 10 new Masters of Wine

The Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW) recently announced 10 new Masters of Wine, including the first from Italy and the rest from the UK, USA, Germany and New Zealand.

Photo courtesy of: Le Wine Guest

The detailed list is as follows.

Gabriele Gorelli MW (Italy).

James Doidge MW (UK).

lvaro Ribalta Milln MW (UK).

Tze Sam MW (UK).

Susan Lin MW (USA).

Melissa Saunders MW (USA).

Kryss Speegle MW (USA).

MWClare Tooley MW (USA).

Moritz Nikolaus Lueke MW (Germany).

Sophie Parker-Thomson MW (New Zealand).

As of today, there are 418 Masters of Wine worldwide, living and working in 32 countries, 149 women and 269 men. Since the first Master of Wine examination began in 1953, the total number of Masters of Wine worldwide has reached 493.

These individuals have proven their full understanding of all aspects of wine by passing the most rigorous and highest standard Master of Wine exams recognized worldwide.

The Master of Wine exam is divided into three parts: theory, practical work and, finally, the submission of an essay. The essay is an in-depth study of a wine-related topic from any field such as science, art, humanities or social sciences.

In addition to passing these exams, before they can officially receive the title of Master of Wine (MW), they must sign the code of conduct set forth by the Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW), agreeing to act with honesty and integrity, and take every opportunity to share their understanding of wine.

Currently, the countries with a high distribution of Masters of Wine worldwide are Australia (28), Canada (10), France (18), New Zealand (15), the United Kingdom (210), and the United States (56).