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May 30, 2022 View:

Sixth Grand Tocai wine auction tops €60,000 in total sales

The sixth Grand Tokaji Wine Auction was successfully held in the bar of 67 Pall Mall in London recently, and according to the organizers of the auction, the final sale exceeded 60,000 euros.

Image courtesy of: thedrinksbusiness

Many wine collectors, wine merchants and wine club members attended the sixth edition of the Grand Tokaji Wine Auction. One third of the bidding bidders were from local London.

The Grand Tocai Wine Auction is held every year in April for three days. And like many global wine auctions, the Grand Tocai Wine Auction features wines that are produced regularly and packaged in special bottles.

At this year"s Grand Tokaji Wine Auction, most of the wine lots were vintages from recent years, but it also included 12 bottles of the rare 1963 Hungarian Tokaji Five Basket Aso, which ended up at €5,500, the equivalent of €450 per bottle.

The Grand Tokaj Wine Auction was organized to showcase the wines from the Tokaj wine region, especially the distinctive Hungarian Tokaj Five Basket Aso wines. In 2002, the Tokaj wine region of Hungary became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the wines from this region have been granted the Protected Designation of Origin system.