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May 30, 2022 View:

Sales of mulled wine soar in Paris

In Paris, sales of mulled wine have skyrocketed as people use the wine to keep their bodies warm while ordering al fresco.

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Eric Venezia, owner of Le Molire bar in Paris" fashionable 6th arrondissement, has experienced a spike in mulled wine sales this winter, according to local media reports.

Currently, Venetians drink 20 liters of mulled wine a day, enough to fill 150 takeaway glasses.

He told local media:It's the ideal drink for winter take-out. His unique recipe is made with red wine steeped in cinnamon, orange peel and star anise.

In order to meet the growing demand, Venezia adapted his products and expanded his business to include heated white wines, which are popular in Alsace.

Restaurants and bars in France have been completely closed since Oct. 30, when the government ordered a second national lockdown to curb a surge in new coronavirus cases.

After six weeks, the lockdown was lifted, but restaurants were forced to close, leaving only take-out operations. With the introduction of a 6 p.m. curfew in Paris, it has become a trend in the city to drink mulled wine in the afternoon while waiting to order.

Paula, a customer at Le Molire bar, said: You have to make the most of this moment, and it would be nice if we had chairs to sit on.