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May 30, 2022 View:

Russians follow global trend of consuming less potent wines

The President of the Russian National Union for Consumer Protection, Pavel Shapkin, told the satellite news agency that Russians are following the global trend to increasingly consume less potent alcohol.

Photo courtesy of: RIA Novosti

The Alliance estimates that retail sales of champagne and sparkling wine in January-February 2021 increased by 12.7% to 27 million liters compared to the same period in 2020, dry wine grew by 3.9% to 78 million liters, while low-alcohol beverages (up to 9% alcohol) grew by 43.1% to 12 million liters. Vodka sales grew by a smaller margin in the first two months, up 2.9 percent to 113 million liters.

I think it"s a general global trend to abandon high alcohol," says Shapkin. This trend is slightly disrupted by the pandemic and the cold. I think the difference in its dynamics will be more pronounced in the second half of the year.

He noted that demand from young people has contributed significantly to this trend, while in Russia overall vodka sales have fallen by three-fifths in 15 years.

He added: By the way, in the West, non-alcoholic counterparts of whiskey, rum, gin, etc. are becoming popular. Producers of these beverages are increasing their sales significantly. In addition, low-alcohol beverages are also a growing part of the world.