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May 30, 2022 View:

Russian millennials love wine more than vodka

According to the annual Global Compass report released by Wine intelligence, a global market research and consulting firm, the Russian wine market is among the top 10 most attractive markets in the world, with the younger generation preferring wine over vodka.

Photo courtesy of: RIA Novosti

The report shows that the Russian market has moved up 23 spots for reasons including a younger generation of Russians who travel a lot and prefer wine to vodka. This rating does not usually see such a large ranking increase as Russia.

According to this report, wine consumption in Russia has increased by an average of more than 13% per year since 2015. At the same time, the average purchase price per bottle of wine has increased.

Not surprisingly, the per capita consumption of wine in Russia has doubled, Wine Intelligence notes. The analysts emphasize that the Russian wine culture no longer belongs to the wealthy upper classes and has expanded beyond Moscow.

A joint poll conducted by the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion Research and the satellite news agency in July showed that nearly half of Russians drink wine and tend to choose semi-sweet types; twice as many prefer red wines to white ones.