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May 30, 2022 View:

Rioja premium appellation launches You Deserve a Glass of Rioja campaign

The D.O.C. Rioja Regulatory Commission launched the You Deserve a Glass of Rioja campaign in April of this year in response to a series of crises caused by the coronavirus, and with a heart for the people in quarantine and the citizens who have lost their lives in this outbreak.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

The Rioja Premium Appellation Regulatory Committee"s campaign aims to send an upbeat, positive message to the public and to encourage mutual help. The campaign is divided into several different phases. At first, after the alert had passed, an open invitation was issued to consumers to visit Rioja, along with an acknowledgement, and some 70 wineries joined the program, offering 15,000 free places to visit Rioja while wine tourism recovered. Fernando Salamero, President of the Regulatory Council, said: "We are grateful for the many consumers who chose to drink Rioja wines during this crisis, so when it's over, we decided to thank them in our own way.

The second phase of the You're Worth a Glass of Rioja campaign, with the theme of solidarity, aimed to support the hospitality industry and help it recover. Rioja then funded the support of the main distribution channel for wine, donating 10,000 hygiene and cleaning kits to bars and restaurants throughout Spain, with a combined market value of nearly one million euros, in partnership with the Spanish Federation of the Hospitality Industry. This initiative, in addition to providing preventive measures to hospitality employees and customers, also alleviated the financial pressure faced by companies due to new regulations and health and safety approvals.

Through a series of actions by the regulatory board, the plan to relaunch the hospitality industry also received support from prominent figures in the film and entertainment industry, who helped spread the message through their respective social media outlets. In the fall, the campaign hit TV screens with commercials that continued to convey the values of hard work and resilience to the public, encouraging consumers to face everyday life with determination and hope, and to become more resilient in tough times.

Rioja, one of the oldest appellations in Spain, is trying to send a message of encouragement to the public in many ways, always keeping in mind that the Rioja activity you deserve stems from a sense of gratitude to the consumer. With this in mind, the Regulatory Board has made it possible to use photos or specific text messages at www.temerecesunrioja.com网站上启用了一项新功能任何互联网用户都可以设计自己专属的里奥哈葡萄酒标签. Of all those who participate in the label design, 1,000 lucky people will eventually receive a Rioja wine with their personalized label on it.