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May 30, 2022 View:

Results of the 20th World Muscat/Moscato Wine Awards

Recently, the results of the 20th Muscats du Monde were announced.

Image from: Italian Wine Network

Over the two days of the competition, 55 international wine experts tasted 158 Moscato wines from 16 countries, and 52 medals were awarded (21 gold and 31 silver), representing 33% of the total number of wines entered.

The Muscat wines in the competition include both still and sparkling wines, dry, semi-dry and sweet wines of various sweetness levels, covering a variety of styles such as noble rot, air-dry, late harvest and special selection, as well as wines that are easy to drink and collectors" wines with aging potential, fully reflecting the complexity of Muscat grape flavors, rich aromatic notes and strong plasticity in winemaking.

The Muscats du Monde, created by the Forum Oenologie, is an international event focused on the Muscat wine sector.

Muscat/Moscato (English Muscat, Italian Moscato) grapes, known as rose grapes in China, are a large family of wine grapes that includes several varieties. Widely grown worldwide, Muscat grapes range in color from white to black and have an intense sweet floral and fruity aroma due to the richness of the terpenes in their fruit. Muscat grapes are mostly used for winemaking and are also great for raw food.

The more common Muscat/Moscato grape varieties in Italy include: moscato bianco (also known as small grains muscat), moscato giallo, moscato rosa, moscato nero, moscato di Alessandria (also (also known as Zibibbo), etc.