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May 30, 2022 View:

Renowned racing driver Danica Patrick launches private label wine

World-renowned retired racing driver and entrepreneur Danica Patrick has announced the launch of her own brand of Provence rosé.

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Danica Patrick developed the rosé in partnership with Nechio Novak Private Equity Group, a group formed by former Budweiser executive Rick Nechio and Damian Novak, owner of the successful diversified business.

Danica chose Provence because it is the oldest wine region in France, where rosé is a specialty and a long-standing way of life. The region"s climate, terroir and grape varieties are perfect for rosé wines. For this rosé launch, Danica has partnered with the Margnat family, whose history of winemaking tradition dates back to 1895 and spans four generations.

The Danica Collection rosé is a tribute to the French origins of the blend in an elegant custom wine. The Danica Collection rosé wines are now available online and in select retail stores in California, Florida and New York. The brand's wines are scheduled to enter retail stores within the United States nationwide in 2021.

Danica Patrick's path to wine appreciation began with her racing career in England, where she discovered her love of wine. She traveled the world, covering Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and South Africa. This love of wine led her to purchase a vineyard in Napa Valley and create her own wine brand, Somnium.