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May 30, 2022 View:

Rapper Mary J. Blige launches private label line of wine products

Rapper Mary J. Blige's stellar career in Hollywood includes many RB classics, with her starring role in the Oscar-winning film "Dirtbound. Now the Grammy-winning singer is gearing up to enter the wine and spirits industry with a line of wines to be released this summer.

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The Sun Goddess collection is an exclusive collection of limited edition wines made by the singer, now 49, in collaboration with Fentini Winery, including a Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio, based on two of Blige"s favorite summer drinks. The singer made the announcement official on her Instagram page and shared the good news with her fans.

In an interview with ESSENCE magazine, Blige said, "Making wine was not what I wanted to do in the first place, and one of Maxwell's friends happened to be Marco Fantinel from Fantinel Winery, and I was drinking white wine with them all night, and then the Fantinels asked me, "Would you like some wine? I didn't even hesitate at the time.

The name Mary J. Blige was given to her by her sister, who called her a sun goddess because Blige openly stated that she loved to sunbathe whenever she could. When my sister and I would go out, we would go on vacation to an island or something like that, and I would spend more time in the sun than anyone else, Blige explained to ESSENCE magazine, so everyone else would get sunburned and I wouldn't. My sister would say, I'm not messing with the sun goddess today. I'm leaving! She gave me that name, and I've stuck with it.