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May 30, 2022 View:

Quality Icon THE9 - Liu Yuxin is Penfolds Maxs Brand Ambassador

On November 18, Penfolds officially announced the Penfolds Maxs brand ambassador, premium icon THE9 - Liu Yuxin, from her attitude of constantly exploring her possibilities and daring to try diversified stage expressions, just as Penfolds Maxs redefines the way of winemaking and pays tribute to the spirit of innovation.

Image courtesy of: Wine Business Watch

As one of the leading new generation artists, THE9 - Liu Yuxin"s fans are mostly millennials, which overlaps highly with the target group of Penfolds Max, and will get twice the result with half the effort in the future promotion for the niche group.

The brand ambassador's temperament is highly compatible, showing MAX super power

In 2015, Penfolds launched the Max range of wines to honour Max Schubert, the legendary chief winemaker in the brand's history, and to pay tribute to his innovative and daring spirit.

As the newly appointed brand ambassador of Penfolds Max, THE9 - Liu Yuxin's journey to success is not a one-time achievement, but a result of continuous accumulation. In this process, she has constantly awakened to herself, focused on her inner self, and inspired her potential before finally being able to reveal her awakened MAX superpowers, which is similar to the 176 years of Penfolds brand accumulation that Max has benefited from.

In THE9 - Liu Yuxin, one can see her heritage of hard work and dedication to her predecessors, but also her innovation and breakthroughs to keep up with the times. As a quality artist loved by the millennial generation, THE9-Liu Yuxin is a perfect match for the Penfolds Max range, which is loved by the young and energetic consumers for its approachable style and full and balanced taste.

Leading the new trend of fashion forward, the market immediately became a phenomenon of the big single product

Since its introduction, the Penfolds Max series has been loved and recognized by wine lovers around the world, and its packaging design brings modern and fashionable elements to Chinese consumers, leading the way in new concepts and trends of avant-garde wine packaging design. Using bold color schemes of red, gold and silver, the classic Penfolds red, combined with an avant-garde packaging design and a strong Chinese influence, the bottle is classic and modern, perfect for festivals and gifts.

In terms of wine consumption, millennials have more fashionable and social demands, and the high value Penfolds Maxs has certainly stepped on the right rhythm in this regard, becoming a big online sensation on social media such as friends and Weibo as soon as it was launched. In order to increase brand exposure, Penfolds Maxs named two special trains of Penfolds Maxs on the Beijing-Shanghai and Shanghai-Shenzhen high-speed rail lines, which have the highest traffic volume and the most commercial value in China. The brand and product elements are organically integrated with all aspects of the trains to achieve deep brand communication and penetration.

Image courtesy of: Wine Business Watch

Inheriting the essence of master winemaking, the strength of the Penfolds winemaking philosophy

With both a face and a deep heritage, Penfolds Max is not only an icon, but also a powerhouse.

The Penfolds Max range is a testament to the art of multi-appellation blending, and includes wines from iconic grape varieties such as Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, all of which were made more than half a century ago by Penfolds" former chief winemaker, Max Schubert. Each wine in the Penfolds Max range has an elegant and charming character, retaining its fruitiness and full-bodied structure. Each of the wines in the Penfolds Max range is a blend of wines that are constantly seeking to innovate and exceed in quality, highlighting the interplay between the terroir of the raw material and Penfolds' winemaking expertise.

Following the global success of the Penfolds Max Collection, the Penfolds Max Reserve is made from premium grapes selected and hand-harvested by Penfolds' team of winemakers, carrying on the Penfolds style of winemaking philosophy.

The Penfolds Max range relies on Penfolds' strong product capabilities and winemaking philosophy, while carrying on the brand values.