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May 30, 2022 View:

Pouilly Fusset adds 22 new first growths

Recently, Pouilly Fusset added 22 new First Growths, making it the first sub-appellation of the Magon appellation to have a First Growth.

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Pouilly-Fuisse is located in the Maconnais appellation, the southernmost part of Burgundy, and is known for its stunning Chardonnay wines. As one of the most recognizable sub-appellations of the Maconnais, Pouilly-Fuisse has never had a Premier Cru, so the quality of the appellation"s wines can only be judged by factors such as the reputation of the winery and vineyards. In order to further improve the reputation of the entire appellation and to better manage the vineyards, Pouilly Fusset has been working for more than a decade to be declared a Premier Cru.

In 2007, Frederic-Marc Burrier, President of the Union des Producteurs de Pouilly-Fuisse (Union of Pouilly-Fuisse), first proposed the certification of specific parcels of land as First Growths, and in 2010 he submitted a formal application to the Institut National de l'Origine et de la Qualite (INAO). (In 2010, he submitted a formal application to the Institut National de l'Origine et de la Qualite (INAO).

In order to evaluate the value of terroir from a multidimensional point of view, the INAO and the Organization for the Conservation of Agricultural Production (Organisme de Defense et de Gestion) have drawn up a map covering 217 Lieux-dits in the Pouilly-Fusset appellation, with a detailed analysis of the altitude, orientation, slope, soil, history, cultivation techniques and price models of the local vineyards. A detailed analysis was made of the local vineyards in terms of altitude, slope, slope, history, cultivation techniques and price models. In September 2020, Pouilly-Fossey was officially approved by the INAO as the first sub-appellation of the Magon appellation to have a Premier Cru.

The 22 new First Growths, which cover a total area of 194 hectares or 24% of the total AOC of Pouilly-Fuisse, are located in the villages of Chaintre, Fuisse, Solutre-Pouilly and Vergisson. Starting with the 2020 vintage, the wines from these 22 First Growths will be labeled with the name of the vineyard and the name of the First Growth.

Frédéric said: "This is the first time since 1943 that a new First Growth of Burgundy has been added, and I hope that this will increase the recognition of Pouilly-Fusset as an excellent white Burgundy appellation. I believe that in the near future, this promising appellation will be more and more popular among wine lovers.

With a list of 22 newly promoted first-class parks.


Le Clos de Monsieur Noly

Les Chevrieres (Westville Park)

Cottage Garden (Aux Quarts)

Le Clos Reyssier


Le Clos

Les Brules

Les Menetrieres

Les Reisses

White Vine Garden (Les Vignes Blanches)

Les Perrieres

Viikha Garden (Vers Cras)

Solut Puy

La Frerie

Le Clos de Solutre

Au Vignerais

En Servy

Aux Bouthieres

Aux Chailloux


Viikha Garden (Vers Cras)


Les Crays

La Marechaude

Sur la Roche

En France

* Of which the Vichyard is jointly owned by Fusset and Sorut Puy.