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May 30, 2022 View:

Pink Prosecco sparkling wine on sale in Aldi supermarkets

Aldi Supermarket will be the first supermarket in the UK to sell pink Prosecco sparkling wine. In May this year, the Italian government approved the sale of pink sparkling wine.

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According to reports, the new Prosecco Rose DOC will hit shelves on November 2 and will be available in two formats: a 750ml bottle (RRP: £6.49) and a 250ml mini bottle (RRP: £2.29).

Julie Ashford, General Manager responsible for buying in the UK at Aldi Supermarkets, said the discounter was simply ecstatic to be the first to offer the first batch of Prosecco Rose DOC wines to customers.

She says:Prosecco is one of the best selling wines in our store and so far, customers can"t seem to buy enough pink wine, so the pink Prosecco is sure to fill up the nation. It's great to be working with an Italian supplier to create such an exciting new product, and we can't wait for our customers to try this drink.

In September, Josh Heley said rose sparkling wine was a big seller in the first six months, with sales up 40 percent over the same period in 2019.

Although many Prosecco producers are already producing Italian Rose sparkling wines, they cannot market or label these wines as Prosecco until the new regulations are in place in May.

The new pink Prosecco release will adhere to strict regulations set by the Italian consortium, including the use of Glera grapes sourced only from nine provinces in northeastern Italy, and up to 15% Pinot Noir. During the second fermentation, the sparkling wine will need to be aged in pressurized tanks for at least 60 days to stabilize the color and to allow for natural fermentation and special drying.