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May 30, 2022 View:

Phillip Schofield launches flat bottle of Italian wine

TV show host Phillip Schofield recently launched an Italian wine in a flat bottle packaging pioneered by Garcon, making him the first celebrity to adopt eco-friendly packaging.

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Philip Schofield"s organic Blacktoya wine from the Puglia appellation, usually sold in 2.25 liter bagged boxes, is now sold in Garcon's flat 75 ml bottles made from 100% recyclable PET plastic.

This lightweight design is perfect for our e-commerce era and recently won the Wine Packaging Innovation Award at the 2020 Wine Business Network Green Awards.

My mission is to bring quality wines to market and provide wine lovers with a more sustainable choice without compromising quality.

When I was in Rome, I worked closely with Garcon Wines to bring this concept to market and bring more choice to consumers when shopping.

Commenting on the partnership, Schofield said:I am very proud of the development of my product range and in Rome we can continue to champion sustainability in this category and improve and enhance the optional packaging formats.

Amelia Dales, Commercial Director of Garcon Wines, added: "Expanding Phillips Schofield's product range to include our flat-packed wines while we were in Rome showed significant and inspiring progress in the sustainable wine packaging campaign.

This organic Blacktoya wine is currently available on for £9.99 per bottle.