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May 30, 2022 View:

Personalized wine website is born

The wine industry, one of the most important sectors of the Spanish economy, has been able to maintain a certain level of growth in recent years, thanks to a very loyal consumer base.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

As wine consumption patterns have shifted, new distribution channels have begun to emerge, with specialty stores, bars, wine clubs, the Internet, and direct sales from wineries beginning to disrupt the traditional sales model of large distributors. Specifically, these alternative distribution channels now account for one-third of total wine consumption.

Of all the new channels, the Internet is one of the fastest growing. The proliferation of the Internet and the improvement of online platforms and delivery services of logistics companies have made consumers increasingly trust online wine stores, and that"s when the website was born. The site allowed consumers to personalize their own wines, which opened up a new business model in the wine sector.

The website's motto is: Customize your own wine in just 6 steps. Consumers can achieve maximum customization through the website in the following steps.

Select a wine bottle (capacity)

Select the type of wine (red, white, pink)

Selection of grape variety (single variety or blend)

Select shrinkage capsules (red, black)

Selecting a wine stopper (natural cork)

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Through these steps, consumers can create a wine of their own and can enhance the uniqueness by blending their favorite grape varieties and adjusting the percentage of the blend. Three types of blends are currently possible: blends of different grape varieties, blends of the same variety but with different characteristics or from different plots, and blends of the same variety but with different aging times. All these personalized blends aim to improve the quality of the wine, so the website will have a series of recommendations for the customer to follow when making a custom blend.