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May 30, 2022 View:

Penin Guide tasting team arrives in Madrid AOC to continue scoring

The Penin Guide 2021 Yearbook scoring is still in progress, and this Tuesday the tasting team arrived in the D.O. Madrid appellation. Madrid, the capital of Spain, is home not only to the Real Madrid soccer team, but also to many fine wines.

Image courtesy of: Penin Guide Spain

The tasting team continued to consist of Carlos Gonzlez, Director of Penin Guide Tasting Team, Javier Luengo, Editor-in-Chief of Penin Guide and Zhang Ziyang, Director of Penin Greater China, who tasted nearly 100 red, white, pink and sweet wines.

According to Pernin scorer Zhang Ziyang, what is clear in this year"s tasting of the appellation is that the wines of the 2018 vintage are more prominent, fresh and full compared to the 2017/2019 vintage; and in terms of grape varieties, the red wines represented by Garnacha and the white wines made from the indigenous white grape variety Albillo Real are very distinctive. The white wines made from Garnacha and Albillo Real are very distinctive.