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May 30, 2022 View:

Penfolds Grange auction hits $431,000, breaking last year's record

The Penfolds Grange range of vintages, from the first batch in 1951 to 2015, sold to an anonymous buyer in Sydney for a record price of A$431,000, breaking the record since last year.

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Remember the sky-high Penfolds Grange set portfolio that was auctioned in December 2019? This set contained all the vintages of Penfolds from 1951 to 2015 in a total of 64 bottles. The bidders fetched a world record of A$372,800 (about $1.84 million).

Just when everyone thought it was the ceiling for bidding, the record was set again! An anonymous buyer from Sydney sold the same Penfolds Grange portfolio for A$430,000 (about RMB 2.12 million).

Penfolds Grange, made primarily from Shiraz and a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon, is an iconic Australian wine. Its first vintage, made by Penfolds" first head winemaker Max Schubert in 1951, was initially unnoticed and never even released commercially. Max Schubert gave it to his friends and family.

According to Tamara Grischy, head of Landon Auctions: Only about 30 complete Penfolds Grange set combinations exist, the ultimate wine collector's dream.

The astronomical portfolio of 64 bottles sold at Langton Auction House is considered unique and includes bottles signed by Max Schubert, and many of the older vintages are also certified at Penfolds' winery.

The auction also included a bottle of 1962 Penfolds Bin 60A, which sold for A$15,005 (approx.).

A bottle of 1962 Penfolds Bin 60A sold for A$18,472 (approx.).