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May 30, 2022 View:

Out-of-home consumption of Italian domestic wine down 29% in 2020

The Italian Wine Federation (Federvini) recently released forecasts that the New Crown epidemic has led to a significant reduction in out-of-home consumption (consumi fuori casa) of alcoholic beverages, with out-of-home consumption of domestic Italian wine down 29% in 2020 compared to last year, and out-of-home consumption of spirits (Spiriti) and bitters (amari) down 34%.

Image from: Italian Wine Network

The main channel for out-of-home consumption of wine products is mid- to high-end restaurants, and in 2020, wine sales will decrease by 26% across the Italian domestic restaurant channel, with a 25% decrease in wine sales in high-end restaurants and a 30% decrease in mid- to low-end restaurants. The plummeting number of foreign tourists will also hit the wine industry hard, with a 63% reduction in wine tourism-related spending.

Domestic wine sales in Italy are expected to trend in a V-shaped curve in 2020, with a negative peak in April, down -90% from last year, and a slow recovery from June onwards, with full-year consumption expected to be 6% lower than last year.