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May 30, 2022 View:

OIV international standard informs UK-EU trade deal

The international standards developed by OIV played an important role in the recent negotiation and signing of the Brexit agreement between the UK and the EU, ensuring that the UK achieves a safe exit from the EU.

Image courtesy of: OIV

The OIV international standard is recognized in the new trade agreement signed by the UK-EU. The recommended winemaking standards mentioned in Article 2 of Appendix 5-TBT Wine Trade are issued by the OIV, which is the only relevant international standard. As a reference method for determining the analytical composition of wine, the analytical standards developed and published by the OIV are also mentioned in Article 3 of the appendix.

The strength of multilateral norms and confidence in the OIV standard help ensure that trade is not restricted. Wines will not require a V1-1 certificate like wines from other non-EU countries, a self-declaration certificate will suffice. In addition, the OIV would welcome a duty-free exemption for wines.

In the context of Brexit, it seems vital for the industry that all changes that may cause or will cause international wine trade should involve as many countries as possible in multilateral discussions.

OIV notes that there is a need to further streamline administrative procedures and accelerate the implementation of electronic exchange of administrative documents. oiv hopes that the UK will actively participate in the discussions to pioneer electronic certificates.

The UK joins the OIV on January 1, 2021, becoming the 48th member of the organization. oiv members currently account for 85% of global wine production and 70% of global consumption.