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May 30, 2022 View:

Nine Tops Estate Gas Chardonnay 2018 Named to 2020 Wine Top 100 Picks List

On November 17, the world-renowned wine critic Robert Parker (Robert Parker) team released the 2020 Wine Top 100 Selections Top 100 Wine Discoveries list. The Nine Tops Estate Gas Chardonnay 2018 from Shandong, China was ranked 52nd!

Image from: Nine Tops Manor

Today"s new discoveries, tomorrow's worship wines. is an accurate summary of the Top 100 Wine Picks list. This is another new action-packed list from the RP team, following last year's New York Matter of Taste event to discover the top 10 wines in the world. The list not only focuses on the rating of the wine, but also emphasizes the story behind the wine and aims to encourage innovative winemakers in the winemaking industry to work with passion.

Composed of 10 wine critics from the Parker team, they tasted more than 30,000 wines from around the world over the past year to select the 100 wines that made the list. The wines selected for the Wine 100 Selections list had to meet these four requirements.

First, a high value.

Second, suitability for long-term aging.

Third, following the concept of sustainability in both cultivation and brewing.

Fourth, it embodies the spirit of innovation.

It is worth mentioning that two Chinese wineries were included in the 2020 Wine 100 selection list.

The two Chinese wines that made it to the 2020 Wine 100 selection list: one is the recently released new Chardonnay 2018 from Nine Tops Estate, and the other is the Petit Manseng 2014 from the Sino-French estate in the Huailai region of Hebei (congratulations!)

Nine Tops Estate's finalist, Chardonnay 2018, was tasted by Master of Wine Edward Ragg MW: Located in Qingdao, a city famous for its beer, Nine Tops Estate planted Petit Verdot under the advice of Nine Tops' planting consultants Eric Moro and Zhu Huaping, and under the guidance of winemakers Denise, Mark and Jin Haixia, who enhanced the quality of the Chardonnay. The wine has a rich Meursault-style fruitiness, gentle acidity without lack of texture, and wise choice of new oak for a long enough finish and vibrancy.

The Wine Advocate, Issue 251, October 2020, describes this wine: The 2018 Chardonnay Blanc from Nine Tops Estate: light to medium lemon in color, with attractive fruit aromas of ripe peaches, apricots and red apples, and oak aging that brings subtle secondary aromas of toast, clove, smoke and vanilla to this wine. The wine is medium-bodied with moderate acidity and a subtle creamy texture from the ageing of the clay. This Chardonnay is intensely fruity and can be enjoyed throughout the tasting with an elegant and long finish. Without a doubt, one of the finest Chardonnays from China!

When heaven and earth are united, all things are born. Han Wang Chong "on the balance of nature

This is the reason why we make our wines at Nine Tops: to respect the uniqueness of the local terroir.

In the field of wine, we can find similar elements in the three talents: Heaven, Earth, and Man.

Timeless, for climate

Geely, for the soil

People and, for growing brewers

As the top-tier Qi Series wine from Jiu Ding Estate, we have been committed to bottling this unique terroir and making it the best interpretation of the power of the terroir in Qingdao, China. This bottle of the award-winning 2018 Qi Chardonnay, which has been released before its release, makes us feel as if, we are getting closer and closer to this goal.