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May 30, 2022 View:

New wines released at Simmington Family Wines in support of wildlife project

In support of the Portuguese Wilderness Program project, Simmington Family Wines has recently added a new wine to its Altano range, including a bag-in-tube format.

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Altano Wilderness is a blend of classic red grape varieties from the Douro appellation, including Doriga Franca, Lori Red and Red Barroca. The new blend will be packaged in a 2.25 liter bag-in-tube format, which is undoubtedly recyclable and has a much lower carbon footprint than glass.

In addition, Symington Family Wines will receive a donation for each sale of new wines to support the Portuguese Wilderness Program project, in addition to the €15,000 per year provided to the program through the Symington Impact Fund requested by its B Corp.

The Portuguese Wildlife Program project is part of a pan-European network spanning eight countries to protect and revitalize natural habitats.