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May 30, 2022 View:

New survey finds 40% of consumers have trouble choosing wines to buy

Microfox says: out to drink, learn some wine knowledge is necessary.

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You"re definitely not alone when it comes to buying wine and suffering from selection difficulties.

Recently, the Wine Marketing Council (WMC) surveyed the buying behavior of 1,000 wine consumers (European sample) and 40% of respondents found it difficult to choose and buy wine because there were so many products.

And more than 80 percent of respondents said they had some difficulty buying wine because they weren't sure if the wine tasted the way they liked it or if their friends or guests liked it.

Respondents also complained to WMC about the potholes and mines they stepped into when buying wine over the years.

Thirty-seven percent said that at least one bottle of wine they had bought in the past 12 months would show up when they thought it had a certain flavor or style, but it didn't; 28 percent cried that they bought a wine they thought was supposed to be sweet, only to find out it was dry.

This is the information that wine consumers care about

According to data from the Wine Marketing Council (WMC) survey, 41% of respondents were not interested in the ingredients of the wine, 44% also had low interest in how the grapes were grown, and 33% said they did not want to know how the wine was made.

Most interesting, or what survey participants thought they always wanted to know, were the type of wine (78%), flavor and taste (69%), and origin (42%).

WMC also found that in order to avoid pitfalls and find the right wine quickly and accurately, people usually go online to find information about the wine and seek advice before buying.

1、Wine website and APP

Before buying wine, consumers seem to prefer to visit wine knowledge or information sites, including media such as Wine Spectato, Wine Enthusiast, other publications (33%) winery websites (22%) or wine region and name sites (20%).

However, when it comes to placing an order, consumers turn to wine shopping apps, but 81% of respondents do not get their wine knowledge and information on them.

2、Community website

Twenty percent of respondents, on the other hand, tend to be seeded and go to a number of social networking sites for wine information and buying advice. Facebook predominates, followed by Instagram and Twitter.

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A second-class sommelier per capita in France?

Most people find wine difficult to choose and difficult to understand, mostly because they are dissuaded by the complexity and variety of appellations, varieties, brands and vintages.

Wine is indeed different from some standard products. Different grape varieties, various climates, soils and other ecological conditions, and distinctive winemaking and aging methods make for great differences in the styles of wines produced, each with its own unique color, aroma and taste.

For us consumers, the diversity of wine is a blessing, but there is a point where buying wine is no different from buying other goods, you have to know something about it first.

Half of the people in France, who we thought were second-tier sommeliers per capita, actually don"t know anything about wine. But in order to improve their knowledge of wine, 52% of French people will seek help from friends around them who know wine or search for information online before buying wine; 41% of French people choose to be seeded by wine vloggers on social media platforms, and one-third of French people have at least one wine app in their phones.

Besides learning like the French, a more interesting way to absorb wine knowledge and information is to attend more offline wineries' wine events. In-depth wine lovers can also enroll in WSET, ISG and other international professional wine education institutions to systematically gain a basic understanding of the world's major grape varieties, appellations and the styles of wine they produce, which is enough to deal with the daily wine selection and identification problems and to get started in the flowery world of wine.