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May 30, 2022 View:

New study shows red wine helps improve cognitive function

A study from Iowa State University found that consuming certain foods may help maintain a person's cognitive abilities later in life. According to the report, the results were surprising, finding that daily alcohol consumption and consumption of cheese and lamb may have a protective effect on a person's cognitive function.

Image from: cnBeta

The study involved the analysis of data from approximately 1,700 older adults in the United Kingdom using a biomedical database featuring health and genetic data. The information on the participants used in this study included fluid intelligence test data with two additional assessments at baseline and years later.

After mining this data, as well as the participants" dietary information, the study found that cheese consumption had the greatest protective effect on aging-related cognitive problems. Daily alcohol consumption - especially red wine - was also associated with improved cognitive function in people.

As for meat, lamb (but no other red meat species) was found to improve long-term cognitive performance. Meanwhile, excessive salt intake was found to be problematic only for those with existing risk factors for Alzheimer's disease - at least in terms of cognitive function.

Researchers noted that clinical trials are necessary to explore whether such simple dietary changes can help maintain brain health. Auriel Willette, the study's principal investigator, explained: I was pleasantly surprised because our findings suggest that consuming cheese and drinking red wine on a daily basis is beneficial in helping us cope not only with the current COVID-19 epidemic, but perhaps also with an increasingly complex world that never seems to slow down. While we consider whether this is simply due to affluent people eating and drinking, randomized clinical trials are needed to determine if making simple changes in our diet can help our brains in significant ways.