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May 30, 2022 View:

New logo chosen for the Asolo-Prosac region in Italy

After surpassing 17 million bottles sold in 2019 and achieving further double-digit growth in the first quarter of 2020 (up 22% compared to last April), Asolo Prosecco, the smallest of Prosecco's three DOCG Guaranteed Appellations, aims to further elevate itself to the CRU (vineyard) level of Venetian sparkling wine.

Image courtesy of: Italian Wine Channel

The repositioning strategy is based on data from a survey commissioned last year by Consorzio dellAsolo Prosecco, the market research agency Bva Doxa, which targeted Italian sparkling and sparkling wine consumers. The results of the survey showed that three-quarters of respondents knew the name of Asolo (74%) and a quarter had already visited the town (26%), while only 43% knew that Prosecco is produced on the hills of Asolo.

In addition, 32% of consumers would no longer be willing to buy Asolo if the name was not linked to Prosecco, while only 22% would be unaffected and say they would continue to drink it. In contrast, 84% of respondents would drink a sparkling wine named Asolo Prosecco.

Studying the data, Ugo Zamperoni, president of the Asolo Prosecco Conservancy, explained that it was confirmed that combining the word Prosecco with the name Asolo strengthens the origin identity of the name and that Asolo and Prosecco are already securely bound together. Asolo Prosecco is in fact the complete expression of the origin, it is a symbol of culture and history. With this in mind, we decided to attach more information inside, which would be a completely different story, with the aim of emphasizing the link between the sparkling wine and the city, thus giving the sparkling wine its name and priceless cultural value.

In order to strengthen the sense of belonging to the Asolo origin, the Conservancy chose a new logo created by the Veronese Paffi Studio.

This new logo highlights the Rocca (the image of the castle, always a symbol of the village of Asolo) and the silhouette of the hills where Asolo Prosecco sparkling wine was born, in colors reminiscent of wine and the gold of the facades of the ancient homes in the historic center of Asolo.