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May 30, 2022 View:

New crown pneumonia outbreak spawns Chinese wine lovers

According to the U.S. "World Journal" reported that the epidemic has given birth to Chinese alcohol lovers, the proportion of male drinking has increased, and many women have also joined the drinking family. People sip to reduce stress, but also to understand to see different types of alcohol, such as herbal nettle wine, smoked tequila, chocolate beer, bear cocktails and other alcohol fancy.

Image from: China Overseas Chinese Network

KY, a life expert, is a wine collector and is quite knowledgeable about wine. He said the main reason for the epidemic to give birth to the wine lovers is that people stay at home and can"t go to restaurants or bars to drink wine, so there are more opportunities to appreciate and drink wine at home, and proper drinking can also reduce stress. At the same time wine manufacturers and merchants also do a lot of promotions, such as the 2019 Bordeaux wine futures because of the epidemic price reduction of 30%, so the price is very attractive. In addition, some merchant wineries are also doing promotions to reduce the backlog. Many reasons have led to a higher interest in wine among Chinese, and people are willing to try wines that they have not tried before.

Total Wine More, a mainstream liquor retailer, sells a dazzling variety of liquors and has a dedicated liquor salesperson to explain the characteristics of different wines to customers. Kenny, a Chinese, came here specifically to buy a herbal nettle wine. He said that after the epidemic, his interest in wine has increased dramatically, and he used to drink wine at most, but now he is drinking a wider range of wines. A few days ago, he drank a very fragrant wine and thought it was very good. Only after inquiring did he find out that it was European nettle wine, but he couldn't even buy it near his home, so he had to drive to Long Beach to buy it.

Compared to other alcoholic beverages, beer is more popular. At the Brouwerij West draft brewery in St. Pete, which can only take out because of the epidemic, people come from all over to buy alcohol. The staff said that their beers come in traditional Belgian-Style Ales, Pilsners, IPAs and other flavors, and the packaging is very personal and popular.

KY offers a wine selection tip for everyone. He said there are many channels to buy wine in the Chinese district, but the stability of the wine channel is more important than the price, especially wine is sensitive to temperature, humidity and brightness, and it will destroy the wine body in places that are too bright or have strong ultraviolet rays, so pay attention when shopping. At the same time, he also reminded that drinking wine should be in moderation, remember that excessive injury.