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May 30, 2022 View:

Mouton Rothschild complains of trademark infringement lawyer says administrative procedures not yet complete

WBO has recently learned that Mouton Rothschild has complained of infringement of the trademark BARON DE PHILLIPE. According to the decision given by the State Intellectual Property Office in a written document, the trademark does not constitute a similar trademark license registration.

Image courtesy of: Wine Business Watch

It is reported that the right of Mouton trademark is Ruschelle de Philippe Baron Co., Ltd, while the trademark of BARON DE PHILLIPE is registered by Spain FSA Group"s wholly-owned investment in Paco Wine Trading (Shanghai) Co.

WBO saw on China Trademark Online that on October 20, 2018, Paco Wine Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. applied for the registered trademark BARON DE PHILLIPE. in June 2019, Baron Philippe de Rothschild filed an opposition to BARON DE PHILLIPE, and the other party said that this trademark and its company's trademark GFA BARON PHILIPPE DE ROTHSCHILD has a slight resemblance, which will cause confusion among consumers and there is an infringement.

After receiving the opposition, the State Intellectual Property Office gave its approval in August 2020. The State Intellectual Property Office found that the goods designated for use by the two trademarks belong to similar goods, but the two trademarks have certain differences in word composition, calling and overall appearance, and the trademark does not constitute a similar trademark standard license registration.

Beijing Junzejun (Nanjing) law firm Zhao Chunxiang lawyer said, from the current point of view, the administrative procedures have not been completed, the various links of understanding is not the same, there are judicial proceedings, only the lawsuit to the end will have a final decision.