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May 30, 2022 View:

Moutai Oak Aged 10 Dry Red Wine Wins Gold Medal at the International Wine Awards in Brussels, Belgium

On September 11, Belgium Brussels time, the official results of the 27th Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB) were released, and China won a total of 100 medals. Among them, Maotai Oak Aged 10 Dry Red Wine won the gold medal of the competition, together with other winning domestic wines, showing the world the remarkable strength of Chinese wine.

Image courtesy of: wine industry home

A good product needs a good companion. The secret of the best taste is the perfect match between wine and wood, but also the extraordinary quality polished by craftsmanship. The perfect combination of nature and skill, brewed in time, creates a rare and unique taste.

It is reported that Chinese wine won 100 medals at the event with at least 250 samples of wine from 80 companies. At the same time, as one of the three major wine events in the world, the Brussels International Wine Grand Prix in Belgium has a large scale, a large number of samples, a wide range of judges, and a high international influence, and is praised by the governments of the countries and regions where it is held and the industry, and is known as the Oscar of the wine industry.

In recent years, appellations and varieties have gained more and more popularity among wine people in the wine market. As an extension and development of the Maotai brand, Maotai wines have been precisely laid out in the creation of appellations and variety mining, proving their strength through a series of events, and demonstrating the terroir expression and cultural connotation of wine.

Maotai wines, not only show the beauty of China"s terroir on behalf of the region, but also showcase the taste of China on the international stage.