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May 30, 2022 View:

Moët & Chandon France installs vintage wall at Harrods in the UK

The famous French champagne brand Moet & Chandon has installed a wall in the British department store Harrods to showcase its Grand Vintage Reserve Champagne range.

Image from: Sohu

The wall will showcase 16 white and Rose Reserve Champagnes spanning 12 vintages from 1959 to 2012, including the newly added 1962 and 1995 vintages.

Echoing the way champagne is stored in Epernay, it also contains interactive elements in English and Chinese to provide customers with more information about each vintage.

The original intention of the redesign was to better communicate the story of Moet & Chandon as a brand and its great wines to Harrods" customers, who are often looking for treasures and special gifts.

The Grand Vintage Collection is another part of Moët & Chandon's aging range, which requires a minimum of 15 years of aging, while the first round of aging usually takes 5 to 7 years.

While new vintage releases are usually accompanied by other ex-cellar releases from the cellars, Moët & Chandon still has Champagnes in its collection dating back to the 1870s.