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May 30, 2022 View:

Many countries around the world vie to serve as replacements for U.S. wines

Amid global attention, and as a payback to Trump's more than a month of constant provocation, China finally announced tariff increases on some U.S. imports, including the much-anticipated U.S. soybeans, pork and fruit and wine categories. Once the list was released, in stark contrast to the desperation of U.S. soybean farmers and related producers crying out for help, Brazil, Russia and many European countries joyfully held up billboards vying to be the U.S. replacement.

Image from: Sohu

On April 2, after China announced a list of 128 products from the United States to impose 15% or 25% tariffs, on April 4, China announced tariff increases on 106 items of goods from the United States, this time, American soybeans and wine were among them! In this way, China"s imports of soybeans, pork and wine have a big vacancy, so Brazil immediately hugged South America's high-quality soybeans, Russia took a pork leaflet, European countries held up a wine billboard, have presented themselves to China and requested to become the U.S. replacement.

At the same time, the German Financial Network said, according to the German Wine Association, the United States exported more than $210 million of wine to the Chinese market last year, while German wine exports were only 19 million euros. Now, the withdrawal of American wines from the Chinese market will give European wines a huge opportunity. In this way, we will see more European wines in the supermarket in the future.

Take a look! Trump not only pushed his own farmers to the abyss, but also pushed his biggest customers to other countries, laughing that trade wars are good to fight this Mr. President is afraid that he can only hear the cries of U.S. producers. Along with the cries of U.S. farmers, Brazil, Europe and Russia are eyeing the Chinese market, ready to make up for the vacancies in the United States.