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May 30, 2022 View:

Manduria Primidivo dry red wine to be upgraded to DOCG level

The Consorzio di Tutela Primitivo di Manduria in southern Italy's Puglia region is actively revising the appellation's regulations to propose upgrading the existing Primitivo di Manduria DOC dry red wines to DOCG status.

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After the upgrade, the DOCG level Primitivo di Manduria wines will have both Dolce Naturale, a natural sweet wine, and dry wines, collectively known as Primitivo di Manduria or Manduria Primitivo DOCG.

In addition, the proposal adds the Gran Selezione classification to the DOCG appellation, which will be used to label wines from single vineyards that can be used in the Riserva Primidivo dry red or Dolce Naturale Primidivo wines.

This proposed regulatory change is currently in the voting stage. Every winery that is a member of the Association can vote. To vote, wineries must first indicate their acreage and wine production in the last two years and then come to the headquarters of the Association for the Protection of the Wines of Mantulia Primidivo to cast their vote.

Mauro di Maggio, president of the Consorzio di Tutela Primitivo di Manduria, said: "The purpose of upgrading our dry red wines from DOC to DOCG is to position them at the higher end of the market. The aim is to position our wines in a higher market segment, ensuring quality at every step of the supply chain, from planting to bottling, from vineyard to cellar, from restaurant to hotel. The upgrade will be followed by a series of control measures, including canning in the production area, balancing production with market demand, improving the testing of wine related indicators, and batch-by-batch bottling certification. All of this is aimed at improving the quality of our products, and the DOCG mark on each bottle means that we are monitoring the wine from the source of production and have our own number, highlighting the Manduria concept of origin.

The two classes of wines currently managed by the Manduria Primidivo Wine Conservancy are.

1. The Primitivo di Manduria Dolce Naturale DOCG is a guaranteed Appellation d'Origine: it is made from 100% Primitivo grapes, which can be further air-dried after harvesting, with a minimum alcohol of 13 degrees and a minimum residual sugar of 50 grams per liter, and aged for a minimum of 6 months for marketing.

2. AOC Primitivo di Manduria: wines made from at least 85% Primitivo grapes, with a minimum alcohol content of 13.5 degrees, and Riserva wines with a minimum alcohol content of 14 degrees and a maximum residual sugar content of 18 grams per liter. The wines must be aged for a minimum of 5 months and the Riserva wines for a minimum of 24 months, including 9 months in barrels.

In 2019, the wineries that are members of the Manduria Primidivo Wine Conservancy produced a total of approximately 17 million liters of wine, equivalent to 22.7 million bottles. Of this total, wines at the Appellation d'Origine and Guaranteed Appellation (DOP) level accounted for 98.6% of the total annual production, while natural sweet wines at the DOCG level accounted for 1.4% of the total. 2019 revenues amounted to more than 147.5 million euros, an increase of 21% compared to 2018. The association currently has 57 wine companies and more than 1,500 wineries.