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May 30, 2022 View:

MacGregor Wines Australia's Zero range available in Asda and Sainsbury's supermarkets

Leading Australian wine brand Maggen has extended the distribution of its Zero range of non-alcoholic wines to Sainsbury's and Asda supermarkets for sale in the UK.

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Launched in the UK last November, this Zero range of wine products is already available in Morrisons, Londis and S supermarket chains nationwide.

The Zero range of wine products is made up of five non-alcoholic wines, which are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah, as well as rosé and sparkling wine. The wines are priced at £5 per bottle and contain no artificial sweeteners or additives.

Launched in 2019 after two years of research and development, the Zero range uses low-temperature rotating cone technology to remove alcohol after the fermentation process while ensuring that the wine retains its fruit flavor.

Julian Dyer, Chief Operating Officer of Maggen Wines Australia, said: "The expansion of our non-alcoholic range into Sainsbury's and Asda supermarkets is very exciting and demonstrates that constant innovation is required to meet specific consumer needs. This category is growing at a steady rate and we expect the Maggen Zero range to play a key role in our premium range.

MacGregor Wines Australia will expand its Zero range to smaller versions from September, when it will release small 187ml bottles.