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May 30, 2022 View:

Lucie Peyraud, owner of Denpasto, dies at 102

Lucie Peyraud, the owner of Château Denpay, died recently at the age of 102. She helped make Bandolier famous, and her Provencal cooking inspired Alice Waters, among others.

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According to Wine Spectator, Peyraud died last Wednesday, two months before her 103rd birthday.

In an interview with Wine Spectator, Daniel Ravier, winemaker at Château Dan Pie, said: Lucie Peyraud"s contributions have been enormous, from her Provencal cooking to her joie de vivre. It's hard to describe what her influence has been, but I hope that the wines of Château Denpas reflect it.

Lucie Peyraud was born in Marseille on December 11, 1917 and in 1936 she married Lucien Peyraud, whose father, a leather importer, gave the couple Domaine Tempier, a farm just outside Bondolé that had been owned by the family since 1834.

When the Peyraud family settled here in 1940, it already had a cellar and ex-phylloxera grapes tended by Lucie's grandmother Lonie.

The couple's mission was to give Bandolier its own AOC wines, a feat achieved in 1941 when Lucien held the presidency of the ACO for 37 years.

In 1943, Lucien bottled his first bottle of wine. Eight years later, he produced his first Bondole red wine at the winery, branded by Lula's father, Alphonse.

According to Wine Spectator, Lulu sold the winery's wines to restaurants and hotels across France, while expanding Peyraud's children to seven.

After the Second World War, the Peyrauds traveled the world promoting their wines.

Meanwhile, Lucie, a self-taught chef, became a legend when she transformed Château Denpay into the epicenter of Provencal gastronomy, preparing sumptuous feasts for her guests.