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May 30, 2022 View:

London wine bar 67 Pall Mall launches gourmet wine pairing book

67 Pall Mall, a private, wine-centric members' club, London Wine Bar, recently launched its first book, a guide to the best food and wine pairings on the planet.

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The book is called Wine and Food, and the co-authors of the book are Ronan Sayburn, the club"s wine director, and Chef Marcus Verberne.

Aimed at wine lovers of all levels, this book provides a comprehensive study of the world's best wines, including how to drink them and what foods they go well with.

The first half of the book is devoted to wine and aims to demystify the terroir while guiding the reader through the world's most important grape varieties and where they grow.

The second half of the book focuses on food, featuring 100 dishes created by Marcus Verberne. The dishes are varied, ranging from classics like Toulouse's Assorted Sausage Casserole, to Asian-inspired Thai Octopus Salad, to oddities like Saffron Poached Apricots and Almond Tart with Roquefort Feta Ice Cream.

Clare Smyth, chef and patron of Core Restaurant in Notting Hill, said: Wine is such a huge subject that it's always good to have an expert around, and this book is that expert.

Wine writer Hugh Johnson describes the book as a saga about drooling.

The book is already available on the website of 67 Pall Mal, a London wine bar, where it retails for £40.