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May 30, 2022 View:

Liv-ex shares of total value traded by wine region released

As has been the trend in recent years, Bordeaux's market share has continued to fall; 45.8% year-to-date. Over the past decade, Bordeaux's market share has halved; it stood at 95.7% in 2010.

Image courtesy of: Livex Premium Wine Market

Burgundy has long been the main beneficiary of Bordeaux"s decline. However, Burgundy has also been consistently down in 2020 and currently accounts for 16.4% of total transactions, down from last year's average of 20%.

Italy's share has risen from an average of 8.8 percent (2019) to 14.7 percent, thanks to exemptions from U.S. duties and increased attention from critics (especially for the well-received 2015 Brunello and 2016 Barolo), as well as affordability relative to other wine regions.

Led by the United States (5.6%), Australia (1.6%) and Spain (1.3%), the rest of the world's wine regions have also seen good growth in their share of the trade, rising from 5.2% to 11.2% year to date.

Champagne share maintains its 2019 level of just under 9%; while Rhone is at 3%.

Over 6,300 wines (LWIN11) have traded on the Liv-ex global marketplace in the last 6 months; this is a 3% increase over the whole of last year (which we will explore in a future blog).