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May 30, 2022 View:

Liv-ex 1000 index up 0.71% in December

The Liv-ex 1000 Index, the broadest market measure, rose 0.71% in December to close at 355.1 points. The index has seen positive growth for seven months and four consecutive months in the past year; it is up 2.02% for the full year 2020. Within the Liv-ex 1000, the Rest of the World ROW60 had the biggest gain, up 3.95 percent, with Screaming Eagle leading the way in three vintages at the same time.

Image courtesy of: Livex Premium Wine Market

Other rising sub-indices included the Bordeaux Legend 40 (1.83%), Bordeaux 500 (0.53%) and Rhone 100 (0.27%).

The Champagne 50 and Italy 100 fell slightly in the final month after a full year of strong growth. However, they are still the best performing sub-indices of the year; both rose by more than 6%.

The Burgundy 150 also fell in December (-0.30%), closing at 536.48 points; the year ended with negative growth.

The market has been strong since late spring, despite a difficult start to the year. All indices are up except for the Rest of the World 60 and Burgundy 150.

With the new year still affected by many of the adverse factors of the 2020s (Brexit, US tariffs and Covid-19), the robustness of the premium wine market will be tested going forward. However, with the value and volume of transactions having reached record highs in December, it appears that market sentiment has not yet changed for the time being.