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May 30, 2022 View:

Liv-ex 1000 index up 0.53% in July

The Liv-ex 1000 Index, the broadest measure of the market, rose 0.53% in July. After a troubled first four months of the year, the index has since risen for three consecutive months and is relatively flat for the year to date.

Image courtesy of: Liv-ex

As the LX1000 rose, global equities, precious metals and the pound strengthened against the dollar at the same time.

The Bordeaux 500 was the only Liv-ex 1000 sub-index to fall this month, down 0.45%, unchanged from a year ago. Within the Liv-ex 1000 sub-index, the Rest of the World Wine Region 60 (ROW60) led the way this month, up 1.32%. During the first half of the year, the ROW60 continued to gain market share particularly in the United States, Australia, Spain and Germany; resulting in a simultaneous increase in the number of independent LWIN11 (wines + vintages) traded.

The next best performer was the Burgundy 150, up 1.31%, followed by the Champagne 50 (1.19%), the Italian 100 (0.71%) and the Rhône 100 (0.40%).

So far this year, the Champagne 50 is leading the way, having risen 3.35% in the first seven months and 4.47% in the past year.

As the market continues to expand, the number of independent wines appearing for trade (LWIN11 level) also increased by 19.3% this month. Italian wines traded 30.9% higher than in June, a record high for the region, and up more than 150% year to date. Rose wine sales are also at a year-to-date high as we enter midsummer.