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May 30, 2022 View:

Liv-ex 100 index up 1.5% in July

The highly rated and well-priced Bordeaux 2019 vintage began to trade actively on the secondary market in early July. At the end of July, the 2019 vintage had surged by 400% in the secondary market compared to the 2018 vintage at the same time last year.

Image courtesy of: Liv-ex

In July, we published a series of blogs highlighting trends and market performance in the first half of the year. While Grand Cru and Bordeaux received the most attention, Champagne and Italian wines were the best performers in terms of price.

In July, the number of independent LWIN7 (wines) traded on the Liv-ex platform exceeded the 1,000 mark for the first time; while LWIN11 (wines + vintages) also rose to record high levels. As the market continues to expand, Bordeaux"s share of trading fell back again, from 55.3% at the start of the year to 40.7%.

Prices rose in July, with the Liv-ex 100 up 1.50%, ending the month above 300 points for the first time in the last five months; mainly due to increased interest from buyers in the US and Asia. However indications are that with the next round of US tariffs due to be finalized (mid-August) and the renewed tensions in Hong Kong/China, demand from both regions will weaken again.